Mary &
​ the Troublemakers

A band that truly takes requests and honors 90% of them. Candid and refreshing, unpredictable and talented only begins to describe the diversity of their entertainment. Their songs center around the 60's but cover some tunes from the 40's, 50's, 70's 80's up to present day.   Find us on Facebook under Mary & the Troublemakers.

Mary Pfeifer

Mary Pfeifer just started her singing career with bands in the 21st century. Her first experience was with an 11-piece show band from Chicago, the Gibbons Brothers Band. She then went on to be the lead female vocalist in Band X and The Hooligans. In 2013, Mary hand-picked her three band members  and was fortunate to have these amazing musicians join her as the Troublemakers.

Tommy Edwards

Lead Male Vocals

Tommy Edwards is extraordiary. Period. HIs vocals, with occasional falsettos, are rich and vibrant with beautiful pitch and tone. Originally a drummer, Tom is a master guitar player. His repetoire is expansive and varied. And his sense of humor??  Ahhh, and there's the reason for being called the Troublemakers.....

Spencer Keys

He said he learned how to read music when he learned the piano, but after awhile, he decided all those little black dots were just too much trouble to read, so he decided  to play by ear. A maestro at changing keys and picking up a song on the fly, Spencer works steadily with MANY musicians and singers in the Chicagoland area. He is a treasure to this band.

Harry Nangle

Drummer and percussionist
With many years of durmming from rock to country, jazz to funk, Harry is a virtuoso behind the drums, also giving his vocal talent in backups and some leads.